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dj bartbreak - best of funk mixtape 2011 vol.2 (cover)

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Hi! If you like funk music for the b-boys, I invite you to visit the site www.bboyworld.com. At the forum in the music section, you will find my latest mixtape entitled 60 Minutes Of Funk Bboy.

This is the last funk mix of this year. Listen to the new track Never Forget The Love. This song is in funk '80 style. This mix includes tracks such as: Beau Williams, Tavares, The Jones Girls, Armenta Majik and many many more.

- Repaired temporary error. Now you can sign a guestbook and download my mixtape.
- Best of funk mixtape #21 is ready. Among other things: (...) Cheryl Lynn, Nick Straker Band, Crown Heights Affair (...)

A new Happiness introduction. This time include: Webster Lewis, Gregg Wackson, Jadoes, New Edition and many, many others.

I encourage you to listen to a delicious new song. I hope that this time I landed in a larger group of interested funk80 musci. You can hear the gentle sound and funk japanese.

Funk mixtpae #20 is ready. Among other things: (...) Delight, Firefly, BT Express, Dennis Edwards, Wax (...)

Added new songs, music/others mixes:

Make It Up With Love
Let's Go Dancing Tonight
Interlude #3

DJ Bartbreak - Funky Disco House #7 Download

Best of funk mixtape #19 it's ready. Among other things: (...) Dynasty, Delegation, Cashmere, Klymaxx, Starpoint (...)

For all fans of cartoon themes I recommend my new 80's cartoons theme mix. You can download it from Other Music section of my website.

Welcome back after long break. Best Of Funk Mixtape #17. Among other things: (...) Carl Smith, D Train, Rockwell, The Whispers, Cool Notes (...)

Next interlude --> Come On Dancin'

New mixtape! Best Of Funk Mixtape #16. Among other things: (...) mystic merlin, pure energy, bloodstone, melba moore (...)

New track! Into The Groove (Italo Funky Disco).

Radio: PLAY.
Everyday 8-10 pm.

There is a new mix entitled Future Funk in the download music section. In this Funk/Disco/House mix you can listen to the remixed songs like Say it say it, Sous la griffe de l'animal Maria Magdalena, etc. Please, feel free to comment it in my

New Other Mix On The Dance Floor Come On.

Next mix which I present it's Old Controles. It's connection of two kinds: funk and oldschool. Mix is represented by Break Machine, Kurtis Blow and Midnight Star. I order it for everyone and nice listen.

I have placed one of my first mixes b-boy short mix. Guest book is active. I invite you to inscribing and leaving comments.

Welcome after long break. Another mix "Best Of Funk Mixtape" just shown up feel free to download it! Enjoy.

Appeared new mix "Funky House Mixtape Vol. 4" .

Appeared new mix "Best Of Funk Mixtape VOL. 9"
and two other mixes.

I improved eMule section.

I`m encouraging you to downloading my mixes by eMule program link. I also wanted to remind that new bakings will be appearing monthly.

"Funk Battle" 21 track + cover in eMule online NOW !!

New other mix "Funk (Def Mix)" and "Funk And Freak Boys".

Section photo is running !!.

Now you can find new covers for album "Best Of Funk" in the music section.

It is my new cover of "Funk Battle Mix".

There are some new songs in the music page. Enjoy!

The first edition of "Best Of Funk Mixtape". Next editions will be available soon.
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